Hallerbos – Bluebell Forest

Hallerbos or Halle Forest is in the Flemish region of Belgium, just south of Brussels. It’s known mostly for its ‘bluebell carpet’ which covers the forest floor for a few weeks each spring, attracting many visitors to admire this colourful spectacle.


Every year, in Spring the floor of the forest turns into a sea of bluebells. Of course, the time of this flowering differs each year, but it’s generally around April-May time. I was told that the best time to visit was mid-April. We visited on Sunday, when it was gloriously sunny, 21ยฐC, perfect for a stroll among some bluebells.


The forest is situated 20km south of Brussels, right beside the E19 motorway and near the town of Halle.


To get to Hallerbos, you can either catch a train to Halle and then a bus to the forest or drive and park within the area. Bear in mind, that the car parks have limited spaces and the roads are very narrow. The website:ย https://www.hallerbos.be has more information on the car parks. We thoughts about parking at P8, but found a space further out at P2 and walked a bit further – bit more exercise isn’t all bad.









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